Teaching is the

most powerful tool to change the world!

Teaching is a gift that may come with a price!

I am Maryam Juzer Lokhandwala, a passionate teacher for almost three decades. I feel lucky when I say that teaching has been a very fulfilling journey for me thus far.

Being instrumental in nurturing the little minds to become responsible grown up individuals of tomorrow is what I consider my professional achievement till date. Not to mention the unconditional love, respect and humility received in the process. Teaching is more like a second nature to me and luckily enough, I was being paid to pursue my hobby. Things couldn't get any better than this. But, sometimes one has to pay a price for being so passionate and hard working. On the flip side, while I thoroughly enjoyed my workspace, my health unfortunately could not cope up with my mental ability to deliver the best.

In 2009, I learned I was suffering from acute osteothritis, which slowly paralysed my physical and mental stamina to cope up with my career. In my zest to restore my diminishing abilities, I followed all remedies, be it allopathy, home cure or homeopathy, which only provided temporary relief! Upon much contemplation and persistence from some of my dear friends, I decided to use the DXN products.

Initially, I was not fully convinced, DXN was an additional supplement dose to my existing allopathy medication. Slowly I started to realize the difference in my medical condition, I very steadily braved to part ways with Allopathy treatment. Now, being in my best of spirits, I certainly don't regret my decision to go ahead with DXN for it not only revitalized my health but gave me a sense of secured wellness that will last me long..

Now while I may grow older by age, I am certainly young in spirit and health. DXN has given me my precious wealth back - GOOD HEALTH. If you would like to learn more about this supplement and how you too can feel rejuvenated, feel free to reach out to me.